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Free Tools: Leadership Expectations Check-Up

The Leadership Expectations Check-Up is a simple but effective tool that helps you to quickly discover the underlying reasons for the issues you are currently experiencing with your team or with one of your direct reports, so you can turn things around.

When managing people across cultures, if they under-perform, behave in frustrating ways, or even secretly sabotage you, it is often because your approach is different from what they consider ‘good leadership’, and therefore they don’t fully trust and follow you.

How the Leadership Expectations Check-Up helps you:

  • It helps you to move beyond Blame and Self-doubt, because the real reason for the issues lies somewhere else – you will be surprised!
  • In a simple 15-minute process, it helps you to compare your approach with what your team members expect from a ‘great leader’.
  • From this new perspective, you will understand exactly what area you need to manage differently to get your team members fully on board.
  • The ‘Leadership Expectations Check-Up’ then guides you in defining a next-step action plan to begin turning things around.