About Myriam Callegarin

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I provide practical tools, coaching and training to help Country Managers and Regional Directors to become more agile and successful leaders, even in very challenging foreign countries.

Why I do what I do

In my 20+ years of international corporate and consulting career I have seen many global executives be highly successful in some countries but fail badly in other ones. Despite their good intentions, many of them don’t realize they are building invisible walls. Managing their local teams becomes a struggle, the Headquarter doesn’t support them, and this impacts negatively on the business, employee engagement, and their reputation, without mentioning the heavy impact on the quality of their personal life.

Since transitioning to Global Executive Coaching and Cross-Cultural Training back in 2008, I realized that I am able to help global managers to recognize what they cannot see, including the hidden pitfalls and the opportunities they are not aware of. This helps them to turn their difficult employees into engaged and collaborative high performers. As a result, most of my clients have been experiencing unprecedented growth in business, in employee engagement, and in career opportunities. They also feel more relaxed, and have significantly improved the quality of their personal life.

Professional background

I started my career in Germany at Mercedes-Benz AG and worked in Germany, Singapore and South Korea for 11 years, mainly in International Sales to the Far East and as an E-Business Market Advisor for the Mercedes-Benz brand in South East Asia, Australia, India and Italy. In 2001 I decided to relocate to Italy and make the leap to entrepreneurship. I started my own consultancy for International Business Development, specializing in Market Entry and M&A.

I always cared about helping my clients to achieve sustainable, long-term success. However, I found that most of my clients were mainly focused on short-term results and showed no interest in the interpersonal and cross-cultural aspects in business. Therefore, in 2008 I decided to transition to coaching and intercultural training. Since then I have been working with C-level executives, Middle Managers and High Potentials in multinational organizations worldwide.


My references include Daimler, Ford Motor Company, Roche, Chiesi, UniCredit, Banca Intesa, E.ON, Luxottica, ReckittBenckiser, World Food Program (United Nations) and several more. I am also a visiting lecturer in Cross Cultural Management within the Executive MBA program at CUOA Business School in Vicenza, Italy.


I am a Professional Certified Coach, PCC, credentialed by the International Coach Federation. I am also a Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach. I hold a BS in Business Administration. I graduated from the International Coach Academy (Australia) and the Center for Executive Coaching (USA).

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