I work with ambitious C-level executives who are ready to grow from the inside out. I help them to overcome hidden self-sabotage and become truly influential and inspiring leaders who create exponential growth in national and international contexts.

How I can help you

We work together for 6 to 12 months as you experience my unique Leadership Activation Journey, an innovative, pragmatic coaching program that helps you to connect with your stakeholders like never before, and to activate their intrinsic motivation to achieve a relevant, meaningful and exciting goal in alignment with your organization’s purpose, values and priorities.

The Leadership Activation Journey integrates my experience, research and learning from over 25 years of working in International Sales, Business and Leadership Development. It has helped executives like you to drive change and achieve unprecedented success with the people around them, creating new possibilities for themselves, their people and their organization – even in very challenging foreign countries.

Once you learn the principles and process on-the-job, you will be able to apply them over and over again in the future, in any organization and culture.

Would you like to learn more?

You are welcome to contact me or to schedule a complimentary 30-minute call with me.

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